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What is the meaning of uncollectible in Hindi?

Meaning of uncollectible in Hindi is : न वसूला जा सकने वाला

Definition of word uncollectible

  • That cannot be collected. (adjective)

Examples of word uncollectible

  • I agree that the ‘loans’ should only be written off when they do in fact become uncollectible, that is the rule for everybody else.
  • - The consultants said the state should create a mechanism by which old and uncollected debt can be reclassified as "uncollectible," so state resources can be redeployed toward debts worth pursuing.
  • Of the $152.1 million the hospital wasn't paid to GMH in fiscal 2008, more than $117 million is estimated to be "uncollectible," the audit states.
  • Five of the six biggest card issuers posted their lowest rates for charge-offs, or accounts written off as uncollectible.
  • Wells Fargo's revenue has been under pressure because loans it got with the acquisition of Wachovia in 2008 are running off or are being charged off as uncollectible, and low interest rates cut the bank's revenue from lending and investing.


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