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What is the meaning of uncomfortable in Hindi?

Meaning of uncomfortable in Hindi is : बेचैन

Definition of word uncomfortable

  • Not comfortable. (adjective)
  • Experiencing discomfort. (adjective)
  • Uneasy or anxious. (adjective)
  • Put off or disgusted. (adjective)
  • Examples of word uncomfortable

    • Tim Chambers uses the word uncomfortable to describe his first meeting with former Immaculata University women's basketball coach Cathy Rush.
    • They have striven to make this label uncomfortable, and they are reaping the fruits of that.
    • Sometimes this is done designedly: as by Mr. Snarling, who by long practice has attained the power of hinting and insinuating, in the course of a forenoon call, as many unpleasant things as may germinate into a crop of ill-tempers and worries which shall make the house at which he called uncomfortable all that day.
    • It's frightening to realize that there are apparently a sizable number of people out there afraid "uncomfortable" is just a code word because others disagree with them.
    • I guess what makes me uncomfortable is the public, unrepentant nature of this kind of thing.


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