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What is the meaning of uncomfortable in Hindi?

Meaning of uncomfortable in Hindi is : बेचैन

Definition of word uncomfortable

  • Not comfortable. (adjective)

Examples of word uncomfortable

  • Tim Chambers uses the word uncomfortable to describe his first meeting with former Immaculata University women's basketball coach Cathy Rush.
  • They have striven to make this label uncomfortable, and they are reaping the fruits of that.
  • Sometimes this is done designedly: as by Mr. Snarling, who by long practice has attained the power of hinting and insinuating, in the course of a forenoon call, as many unpleasant things as may germinate into a crop of ill-tempers and worries which shall make the house at which he called uncomfortable all that day.
  • It's frightening to realize that there are apparently a sizable number of people out there afraid "uncomfortable" is just a code word because others disagree with them.
  • A few laughed with us, but many of the newer faces wore an expression of uncomfortable amusement.
  • I guess what makes me uncomfortable is the public, unrepentant nature of this kind of thing.
  • That you would find such an experience uncomfortable is scarcely surprising.
  • So often the discussion it seems to get derailed into a debate on whether people "should" be offended by an incident (with the usual claims that anyone who isn't prudish should be just fine with images of sexy women or discussion of women's sexiness), rather than acknowledging that making a subset of your audience uncomfortable is a problem.
  • So you'd better be entertaining me while you're making me think in uncomfortable ways.