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What is the meaning of uncommon in Hindi?

Meaning of uncommon in Hindi is : असामान्य

Definition of word uncommon

  • rare; not readily found; unusual (adjective)
  • remarkable; exceptional (adjective)

Examples of word uncommon

    • "Now, this is what I call uncommon jolly," said Captain Bunting, sitting down on his saddle before the cheerful blaze, rubbing his hands, and gazing round, with a smile of the utmost benignity on his broad, hairy countenance.
    • "That right there is what we call uncommon valor," Myer said.
    • Not uncommon from the ideologically interested pews of academe.
    • It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. - unknown
    • Again, PABA banned a specific and rare method chosen for the good of the woman and used almost solely in uncommon, often serious second-trimester abortions.


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