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What is the meaning of undemocratic in Hindi?

Meaning of undemocratic in Hindi is : अलोकतांत्रिक

Definition of word undemocratic

  • Not democratic (adjective)

Examples of word undemocratic

  • Today, some opposition figures say they have become frustrated with what they call the undemocratic appointments of the younger Mr. Wade.
  • He blamed much of the world's tensions on what he called undemocratic and unjust governance.
  • Council president Maluleke Mooketsi says Zuma does not deserve the doctorate because of what he calls her undemocratic policy decision on vocational training for doctors.
  • From Montreal to Toronto to Vancouver, Ignatieff has stirred new energy in his party's ranks with his family-oriented promises, his openness and his broadsides against what he calls the undemocratic practices of Harper.
  • Meanwhile, in his address at the summit of ECOWAS Heads of State and Gover-nment at the Hilton Hotel Abuja, Jonathan talked tough, condemning what he described as the undemocratic efforts by some elements at carrying out political change in the sub-region.


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