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What is the meaning of understanding in Hindi?

Meaning of understanding in Hindi is : सहमति

Definition of word understanding

  • Mental, sometimes emotional process of comprehension, assimilation of knowledge, which is subjective by its nature. (noun)
  • Reason or intelligence, ability to grasp the full meaning of knowledge, ability to infer. (noun)
  • Opinion, judgement or outlook. (noun)
  • An informal contract, mutual agreement. (noun)
  • A reconciliation of differences. (noun)
  • Sympathy. (noun)
  • All that people individually sense and feel of themselves. (noun)
  • Showing compassion. (adjective)
  • Present participle of understand. (verb)

Examples of word understanding

  • ’ Nay, for the cause of ‘understanding’ also, they say the thing understood sendeth forth an ‘intelligible species, ’ that is, an ‘intelligible being seen, ’ which, coming into the understanding, makes us understand.
  • High marks for the title understanding also for you!
  • This understanding is the basis of the peace process.
  • If my understanding is accurate, I do not understand how
  • In their model, they've made an assumption of what deficits do to the interest rate, and my understanding is they're assuming a relatively significant impact.


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