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What is the meaning of undeserved in Hindi?

Meaning of undeserved in Hindi is : नाहक

Definition of word undeserved

  • not deserved, earned or merited; unjustifiable or unfair (adjective)

Examples of word undeserved

  • I am worried about what this is doing to the democratic party and fear that this gives John McCain undeserved leverage in November.
  • Perhaps OUR UNDEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTION will inspire Easterners to fight harder when Westerners seek to use their Senatorial advantages to gain undeserved highway and anti-terrorist funds.
  • For instance, hundreds of thousands of non-British Canadians, who suffered in undeserved idleness during ten depression years, are today enjoying full employment, their labour earnestly courted by the nation at war.
  • "Besides," said Daubeny, "if he knows me to be quite hopeless" -- and here the poor boy grew scarlet as he recalled the undeserved insult -- "it's no disgrace to me to fail."
  • Louise's logic suggests that, had Nolan managed to steer Ranger's nod down the right side of the post minutes before Coloccini's unwitting own goal let's be honest, that *would* have been undeserved, which is just absurd.


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