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What is the meaning of undeserving in Hindi?

Meaning of undeserving in Hindi is : अयोग्य

Definition of word undeserving

  • Considered unworthy of reward. (adjective)

Examples of word undeserving

  • Funny - the word "undeserving" wasn't mentioned when both parties rescued Wall Street's megabanks.
  • Yasin has also written about being overlooked twice and what he calls undeserving people being rewarded instead.
  • Would we consider some -- whom we may have written off in the past as "undeserving" -- worthy of our collective empathy?
  • TAX AND SPENDPlay Now, Pay LaterFOR MOST OF THE PAST TWO DECADES, American politics have been driven to the fight by a crude but powerful assumption: that those "tax and spend" Democrats have been taking away the taxpayers 'hard-earned money and giving it to "them" - the so-called undeserving poor.
  • It goes beyond the idea of an 'undeserving rich'...certain segments of the so-called undeserving rich are the actual cause of the crisis wee are in...


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