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What is the meaning of undetectable in Hindi?

Meaning of undetectable in Hindi is : बहुत महीन

Definition of word undetectable

  • Unable to be detected; not detectable. (adjective)

Examples of word undetectable

  • From these differing perspectives, the evidence for Intelligent Design is either supposed to remain undetectable or it is supposed to be so obvious that the natural world screams, "Design!"
  • Namely, it’s that they are relatively undetectable from a taste point of view, despite the fact that the recipes often include quite a large amount of the veggies.
  • To underscore the relevance of healthcare access for HIV-fighting efforts, the Strategy seeks to ensure that 20 percent of all HIV-positive African Americans, Latinos, and gay/bi men achieve maximum viral suppression known as "undetectable viral load" by 2015.
  • ROBERTS: This is the famous THG created by Balco Labs, the so - called undetectable super steroid.
  • Viral Response (RVR) rates, as well as Immediate Viral Response (IVR) rates, which are all highly predictive of a sustained viral response (SVR), which is defined as undetectable viral load six months after the completion of SOC drug therapy.


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