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What is the meaning of undeviating in Hindi?

Meaning of undeviating in Hindi is : सीधा

Definition of word undeviating

  • that does not deviate, veer or turn aside; unswerving (adjective)

Examples of word undeviating

  • Christ will be the sinner whose genuine regret makes him forgivable, whilst these humane positions are never ones that Jesus, in his undeviating trajectory towards holiness, will ever inhabit.
  • Personally, however, he prefers declarations of undeviating resolve that are more reminiscent of George Bush.
  • So the estimable seed of Kumi, eight centuries before, had entered into the aliis of Lakanaii, and been passed down by them in the undeviating line to reposit in
  • Islam embodies an undeviating path to peace of mind, attained by aligning one's physical, mental, financial, family and community affairs to this primary goal, which we should help each other work toward.
  • And undeviating, someone else capability spit up it into a apply for and sell down the river it, without paying you.
  • Obedience, rigid, undeviating obedience, was what was exacted of him; and in return he escaped beatings and his existence was tolerated.
  • Then a Texas colonel proposed a toast to Wickliffe: “the early, steadfast, and undeviating friend of this republic.”