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What is the meaning of uneasy in Hindi?

Meaning of uneasy in Hindi is : सशंकित

Definition of word uneasy

  • Not easy; difficult. (adjective)
  • Restless; disturbed by pain, anxiety, or the like; disquieted; perturbed. (adjective)
  • Not easy in manner; constrained; stiff; awkward; not graceful; as, an uneasy deportment. (adjective)
  • Occasioning want of ease; constraining; cramping; disagreeable; unpleasing. (adjective)

Examples of word uneasy

  • Slightly more uneasy is Carole Gray as Cliff's romantic interest, partly because Cliff himself doesn't exude sufficient lust to match her.
  • The real reason why sexuality in the churches makes so many people uneasy is because it forces the churches to move into areas where traditional formulas and distinctions don't make things any clearer.
  • They trudged on in uneasy silence till surprised by an open door.
  • Lily watched her sister go in uneasy silence, the pruning shears still dangling from her hand.
  • The other aspect of this that makes me feel a bit uneasy is the tendency for certain bestselling authors (living or dead) to have other people write their books and have them published under their own name.


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