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What is the meaning of unenforceability in Hindi?

Meaning of unenforceability in Hindi is :

Definition of word unenforceability

  • The quality of not being enforceable. (noun)

Examples of word unenforceability

  • Possible remedies: claim invalidity; unenforceability; ownership transfer.
  • Even if a majority of people choose to buy proprietary content through authorized channels, the growing unenforceability of digital copyright (thanks to encryption, proxies, darknets, etc.) means that proprietary content will have to adjust its price downward in competition with Free.
  • I won't go into the unenforceability of most of them.
  • Given the many hundreds of man-days (and women-days and child-days) that have been spent in the field on horseback and on foot by our hunting fraternity, the LACS have precious little to celebrate as they contemplate the unenforceability of their rotten piece of spite.
  • The risk of repurchase is going to depend on the unenforceability of the loan and we think the loan is enforceable.
  • Plaintiff files final infringement contentions twenty one weeks after its initial contentions and defendant responds four weeks later with final noninfringement, invalidity and unenforceability contentions after the final contentions, leave of Court is required for any amendments;
  • The permission not to do the best we can is not derived from the unenforceability of supererogatory conduct but from agent-centred restrictions which limit the force of the impersonal maximizing principle (Haydar 2002).