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What is the meaning of unenforceable in Hindi?

Meaning of unenforceable in Hindi is : अप्रवर्तनीय

Definition of word unenforceable

  • Resistant to enforcement. (adjective)

Examples of word unenforceable

  • As Governor Schwarzenegger recently demonstrated, governments "cannot afford to expend limited resources" enforcing what some call unenforceable laws.
  • But at first glance it appears to be largely unenforceable, that is until you show up at a hospital somewhere needing treatment.
  • But critics have said she is asking for the enforcement of a law that she has previously called unenforceable, attempting to undermine her reputation as a fair, impartial election overseer.
  • On Thursday, a blog article on The Wall Street Journal's Web site cited a Treasury source saying the policy is "unenforceable" and is likely to be ditched before 2013.
  • Mostyn has argued in court that prenups were "unenforceable" and said the contract would have been "universally condemned as grossly unfair" if his client had been a woman.
  • Well: machinery is one part that anyone in her/his right mind should adjudge "unenforceable," if it's just only so much a matter of our survival.
  • What kind of unenforceable nonsense is this? posted by MN Politics Guru @ 17:34