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What is the meaning of unexpected in Hindi?

Meaning of unexpected in Hindi is : आकस्मिक

Definition of word unexpected

Examples of word unexpected

  • Expect the pundits to be wrong when they tell you what the Unexpected is that you should be preparing for.
  • Unexpected is ... planning on buying skincare for myself ... and ending up with a workshop sales exceeding $300 as of this morning.
  • Michelle's third solo album released in 2008 titled "Unexpected" - which was her first Pop album.
  • Veteran Affairs for Liberty Manor, is featured in Unexpected
  • Many Blacks Find Joy in Unexpected Breakthrough [New York TImes, 6/5/08]
  • A few weeks ago, City's Best writer Karen Dybis talked to photographer Michael Hodges about his series of photographs called Unexpected Detroit.
  • Celebrating music makers and promoting music education, NAMM revealed the notable list, known as the Unexpected Musicians Celebrity Database, as part of the fourth annual National Wanna Play Music Week, May 3-7.
  • T: Tales of the Unexpected was the first comic book I ever read, and its sfnal stories were wonderful for somebody on the cusp of teenagedom.