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What is the meaning of unexpected in Hindi?

Meaning of unexpected in Hindi is : आकस्मिक

Definition of word unexpected

  • Not expected, anticipated or foreseen. (adjective)

Examples of word unexpected

  • So glad the writer resisted the term "unexpected drop". sartrecastic 12 April 2011 9:59AM
  • Israeli commandos said they opened fire in self-defense after meeting what they called unexpected resistance when they boarded the ferry carrying aid supplies to Gaza.
  • The moral to this culture-jamming story: Beware banana creme and strategic and creative use of the unexpected is the perfect way to intervene.
  • Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan have chastised Hezbollah for what they described as unexpected, inappropriate, and irresponsible acts.
  • This is what we call the unexpected, because no one expects them.


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