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What is the meaning of unexplicit in Hindi?

Meaning of unexplicit in Hindi is :

Definition of word unexplicit

  • Not explicit, relatively ambiguous. (adjective)

Examples of word unexplicit

  • Even very sexually unexplicit movies can be annoying with the "dumb but sexy" thing.
  • My query was about these "doubts on Qana" which as long as they remain unexplicit, can be thought to mean anything which is of course why certain people peddle these unexplicit "doubts".
  • It claims to derive assistance from formal psychology, especially psychoanalysis, which permits it to do something different, with its own value, from that achieved by the historian's non-systematic, or at least unexplicit, intuition.
  • Jewish prophets did not arrive at their ideas about God without a great deal of hard thinking, though the thinking is for the most part unexplicit and the mode of expression poetic.
  • The scene was completely unexplicit but completely insinuating.


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