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What is the meaning of unfeigned in Hindi?

Meaning of unfeigned in Hindi is : सच्चा

Definition of word unfeigned

  • Not feigned (adjective)
  • Genuine (adjective)
  • Not false or hypocritical (adjective)

Examples of word unfeigned

  • If it be from a pure conscience (that is, a conscience purified in the blood of Christ), and faith unfeigned, which is the life, or a fruit of it, whereof we are speaking, -- it is glorious and commendable; if from other principles, the Lord abhors it.
  • Mary's dismay was unfeigned and spontaneous, and her father's irritation grew more pronounced.
  • Let us instead reach for that 'higher ground' which encompasses unfeigned love liberally garnished with tolerance.
  • She burst into tears of a gratitude which could perceive was unfeigned because she was unable to utter a word.
  • She clarified that what's important about sharing the "unfeigned" aspect of a production is to get at the specific powers of the theatrical form—an experience of togetherness in a real time and place—in the service of the story.


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