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What is the meaning of unforeseeable in Hindi?

Meaning of unforeseeable in Hindi is : अज्ञेय

Definition of word unforeseeable

  • Incapable of being foreseen or anticipated (adjective)

Examples of word unforeseeable

  • But what remains unforeseeable is its true begetter, its receiver.
  • The result might well be to alter the balance of the Constitution in unforeseeable and perilous ways.
  • But they can hardly be called unforeseeable, and therein lies the nub of the critical questions this incident will raise for regulators everywhere: To what extent should nuclear safety regulation take account of all foreseeable contingencies, and should new technologies be required to apply to pre-existing facilities that were built to the standard of the industry at the time of construction?
  • From Bob Murray of Murray Energy Corporation who was running around trying to impress the public with how concerned he was about the trapped miners in Utah, talking about natural disasters, in other words an unforeseeable act of God to the Wall Street mavens who were calling on the fed to lower rates and inject cash into the system this week was a new high in hypocrisy.
  • Barring the unforeseeable, which is always an iffy thing to do in Honduras, the coupster is out, the mercurial elected president is back in (pending a face-saving vote by Congress and the Supreme Court), and an election to replace him will be held on November 29, as planned.


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