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What is the meaning of unfortunate in Hindi?

Meaning of unfortunate in Hindi is : हतभाग्य

Definition of word unfortunate

  • not favored by fortune (adjective)
  • marked or accompanied by or resulting in misfortune (adjective)
  • An unlucky person. (noun)

Examples of word unfortunate

  • Had he not said the unfortunate had a claim on all honorable men, and surely he was a man an _unfortunate_ might apply to, if any man was?
  • 'A most unfortunate circumstance -- a most _unfortunate_ circumstance.
  • _unfortunate_ client for whom it is my privilege to appear, "said a young barrister, making his first essay in Westminster Hall --" the unfortunate client, my lord, for whom I appear -- hem! hem!
  • He warns of what he calls unfortunate consequences for Iran if that country continues its nuclear defiance.
  • And one of the candidates seeking the position made some, what I call unfortunate remarks.


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