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What is the meaning of unfounded in Hindi?

Meaning of unfounded in Hindi is : व्यर्थ

Definition of word unfounded

  • Having no strong foundation; not based on solid reasons or facts. (adjective)

Examples of word unfounded

  • Mr. da Silva, who is using his immense popularity to lift his former chief-of-staff Ms. Rousseff into the presidency, appeared on television this week to defend Ms. Rousseff against what he described as unfounded attacks.
  • Our critics seem to shudder at what they call unfounded personal attacks.
  • Ngonyama said the DP had numerous platforms to use before running to the media with what he called unfounded allegations.
  • Newspapers, for undisclosed damages over what it called "unfounded rumours".
  • Pitino hopes the extension ends what he called unfounded speculation that he's considering leaving the Cardinals in pursuit of another job.


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