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What is the meaning of unfruitful in Hindi?

Meaning of unfruitful in Hindi is : फलरहित

Definition of word unfruitful

  • Of or pertaining to not bearing fruit (usually figuratively). (adjective)

Examples of word unfruitful

  • Praise be to God, my life cannot be called unfruitful; but, compared with the wise Gotthard Lenz and his stout-hearted son Rudlieb, I look upon myself as an esquire who has perhaps been some few times to tourneys, and, besides that, has never hunted out his own forests.
  • This sin of all others may be termed the unfruitful work of darkness.
  • The Blue Laws of Connecticut in 1650 denounced gambling because it fostered too much "unfruitful" time.
  • Less forgivable is that Behe dismissed such research as 'unfruitful'.
  • -- The most healthy classes have the most numerous families; but that, as luxury enervates society, it diminishes the population, by enfeebling parents, nature preferring none rather than those too weakly to live and be happy, and thereby rendering that union unfruitful which is too feeble to produce offspring sufficiently strong to enjoy life.


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