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What is the meaning of unfulfilled in Hindi?

Meaning of unfulfilled in Hindi is : असंतुष्ट

Definition of word unfulfilled

  • Lacking fulfillment; marked by a feeling of failure to achieve goals or desires. (adjective)
  • Not yet provided as promised, particularly with respect to a contract or an order for a supply of something. (adjective)

Examples of word unfulfilled

    • And it's all going to end in unfulfilled hopes, architecture disagreements, and space cadets 'tears (yet again)
    • I feel so sorry for the women who find themselves trapped in unfulfilled relationships where they have no time or enjoyment from themselves.
    • My fantasy - which will almost certainly remain unfulfilled - is this contest goes to the convention, and civil war breaks out.
    • The three dots is morse code for the word unfulfilled, but the man in the wheelchair probably does not realize that he too, is a portrait of unfulfillment.
    • Hope unfulfilled is at the heart of Disraeli's Judaism, as it was also of his personal affairs when, as a young man at a loose end, he produced Alroy.


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