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What is the meaning of unimpeachable in Hindi?

Meaning of unimpeachable in Hindi is : बेदाग़/अनिन्द्य

Definition of word unimpeachable

  • not able to be impeached or reproached (adjective)
    महाभियोग या निंदा करने में सक्षम नहीं

Examples of word unimpeachable

  • Quality: High (Jeff Smith's art and storytelling remain unimpeachable, and Hamaker's color has reached new levels of awesomeness)
  • For diabetes sufferers, the 'menu du jour' will include half a bottle of red vin ordinaire, following what Lansley will call "unimpeachable" research proving that such treatment contributes to their care.
  • The _morale_ of the players could hardly be called unimpeachable, at least in some instances, but the violations of social rules were not so open as they had been in the old days.
  • "It's given opponents of climate action leverage to attack what was widely considered to be unimpeachable, which is the science."
  • By the way, the word you want is 'unimpeachable', not 'impeachable'.
  • They approve of him in the way he's performed in office but they don't look at him as a kind of unimpeachable moral figure here who could kind of say, "OK, here's the way it goes."
  • To be an "unimpeachable" wife was not to her thinking a sufficient meeting of her problem.
  • When Sister Carol, along with the liberal advocacy group Network, backed the bill, her religious vocation became the focus of media attention: In a New York Times story, one source spoke of the sisters '"unimpeachable" reputation for serving the needs of the poor.
  • There was "no error of principle" in the "unimpeachable" award to Mr Marano, ruled Lord Justice Thorpe, sitting with Lord Justice Wall and Lord Justice Rimer.