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What is the meaning of uninteresting in Hindi?

Meaning of uninteresting in Hindi is : नीरस

Definition of word uninteresting

  • Arousing little or no interest; boring or uneventful. (adjective)

Examples of word uninteresting

  • “May you live in uninteresting times” as the Chinese blessing has it.
  • An over-reliance on computer design software is weakening drawing skills among art students -- and resulting in uninteresting and uninspired work, according to college art professors.
  • Staudinger, Ziegler, Natta, and Flory are insulators, they were viewed as uninteresting from the point of view of electronic materials.
  • Unlike Mr Furedi I don’t think finding something uninteresting is the fault of the student, but of the subject and its champions.
  • When he's described as uninteresting, we have to agree.


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