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What is the meaning of uninvited in Hindi?

Meaning of uninvited in Hindi is : बिन बुलाया

Definition of word uninvited

Examples of word uninvited

  • In the meantime we have to put up with the confusion cause by a new film titled The Uninvited which is not a Hollywood remake of the Korean film of that same title, but a remake of A Tale of Two Sisters.
  • Colleen recommends Tim Wynne-Jones new book, The Uninvited, which is also getting a star in the next Horn Book.
  • I am also going to watch a movie I just discovered entitled The Uninvited 2009.
  • The Uninvited is a magnificent piece of work, isn't it?
  • Well, The Uninvited was my pick and yes, I'm responsible for about 20 of it's votes, clearing the cache and whatnot.
  • The Uninvited was a distant No. 2 on its first day, with $4.3 mil; the weekend's other big new movie, Renee Zellweger's