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What is the meaning of uninvited in Hindi?

Meaning of uninvited in Hindi is : बिन बुलाया

Definition of word uninvited

  • Not invited (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of uninvite. (verb)

Examples of word uninvited

    • Unfortunately when the previous administration marched in uninvited, a can of worms was opened up.
    • Evangelist Franklin Graham was uninvited from a National Day of Prayer event at the Pentagon for calling Islam an "evil" and "wicked" religion, comments he made back in 2001.
    • This little SOB better be uninvited from the rest of the entire convention.
    • The guy who wrote the screenplay for Gladiator has a new book aimed at young teens, but he’s been uninvited from a speaking engagement at a school there because the book deals with teen sexuality.
    • Today, the response from the uninvited was a wilted bouquet of looks—dirty, confused, and sour.


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