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What is the meaning of unjustifiable in Hindi?

Meaning of unjustifiable in Hindi is : नाजायज

Definition of word unjustifiable

  • That cannot be justified, excused or pardoned (adjective)

Examples of word unjustifiable

  • Japanese veterans' associations and tribal leaders in the Philippines wrote to the country's Commission on Indigenous People urging them to stop Kuentai from carrying out any further work, which they called "unjustifiable, profane and even socially evil".
  • Thank You President Obama for continuing to stand up for what is right for ALL people who are being criminally wronged with a system who has been allowing our officers to use their "personal" attitudes in unjustifiable ways that have simply been fueling the barriers of injustice in this country!
  • Cameron as he expressed his sorrow for what he described as the unjustifiable killings. "
  • On the opposite assumption, confirmed by the Departmental Committee, the step was unjustifiable, that is, on the theory of the Union.
  • You think, perhaps, that I am using terms unjustifiable in violence.
  • Abumrad and his co-host Robert Krulwich, along with eight full-time staff, plus interns and temps, work what Abumrad calls "unjustifiable hours" to get it on air.
  • They are trying to justify the unjustifiable, which is what Goebbels and his colleagues tried to do during the Holocaust.
  • The case against the "unjustifiable" Wildlife Protection Act (WaTimes)