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What is the meaning of unkind in Hindi?

Meaning of unkind in Hindi is : निष्ठुर

Definition of word unkind

  • Having no race or kindred; childless. (adjective)

Examples of word unkind

  • Man-unkind is still too motivated by selfishness and greed to change course.
  • Children and servants are not exceptions to this general rule; and those of us who indulge in unkind expressions towards each other, lower ourselves more than we can, perhaps, understand in the opinions of those about us.
  • As therein unkind to his family, for he entails a curse upon it.
  • I always use "unkind" -- it feels satisfyingly quaint.
  • They need to ask themselves if they want to be forever known as unkind and uncaring, the lawmakers who while spending untold hundreds of billions of dollars to wage an unpopular war refused to approve a couple of extra billion over five years to provide health insurance for uncovered American children.


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