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What is the meaning of unlovable in Hindi?

Meaning of unlovable in Hindi is : अप्रीतिकर

Definition of word unlovable

  • Not lovable. (adjective)

Examples of word unlovable

  • They want us to live with success and debt, hand in unlovable hand.
  • And for my family, who are my first readers and my assistants, excellent critics and wonderful companions … and who love me even when I am unlovable, which is a real plus.
  • Macy is bound and determined to make Frank utterly unlovable, which is to say an actual drunk - despite what
  • The adult with NPD endeavors to control others in an attempt to protect this "unlovable" hidden self and is often unable to see others as fellow humans and to be tolerant, kind, empathetic, and aware of other's needs.
  • In fact, if you were to lease them out to other artists they would ALL become hits (save for maybe "unlovable", which has its fans).


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