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What is the meaning of unlovely in Hindi?

Meaning of unlovely in Hindi is : अरोचक

Definition of word unlovely

  • unattractive, ugly (adjective)

Examples of word unlovely

  • I find writers whose writing is lovely in unlovely settings so interesting.
  • Preston's strange heat and sudden Southernism, Mr. Davis's wile and greatness, a coming disputed election, quarrels between the people where I was born and the people where I was brought up, divisions and jealousies, floated before my mind in unlovely and confused visions.
  • "Others called her unlovely, but in her spirit she was beautiful, and I think as time passed that came to be reflected in her physical aspect.
  • By this time the Ten of Clubs, the Nine, the Eight, and all the little cards of the pack were dancing about us in a state bordering on frenzy, but Maida and Sir Ralph together eventually evolved a kind of unlovely order out of chaos, and everybody was told off to perform some task or other: one to sweep, one to dust, one to change the bedding.
  • Groups who are called unlovely names "co-opt" the terms, and by doing so, defuse them.


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