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What is the meaning of unmindful in Hindi?

Meaning of unmindful in Hindi is : बेपरवाह

Definition of word unmindful

  • lacking awareness; oblivious (adjective)
  • failing to remember or recognize a fact (adjective)

Examples of word unmindful

    • But so unmindful is she of her own interest, that she seems in part to have lost her very being, so forgetful is she of herself.
    • According to the union, while it is not "unmindful" of GuySuCo's financial challenges, it has noted the lengthy list chronicling mismanagement by the Sugar Corporation, which GAWU submitted in its Memorandum to the Arbitration Panel.
    • "unmindful" was printed as "unmindul" of gauging the quantity of water traveling along an important drain
    • The steady decline in our democratic culture, sinking to new levels of vulgarity, does unite neocons with traditional conservatives – though not with those libertarian conservatives who are conservative in economics but unmindful of the culture ...
    • And she had a smile in her eyes, and a laugh on her lips; and her temper was not hasty, nor was she unmindful that men give the law and women ever obey.


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