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What is the meaning of unmoving in Hindi?

Meaning of unmoving in Hindi is : रुका हुआ

Definition of word unmoving

  • Not moving; still (adjective)

Examples of word unmoving

  • Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?
  • She stood there unmoving for nearly half an hour, then Charley Shore returned.
  • One look beyond was enough, into the cubicle where the bruised and battered girl lay quiet and unmoving, breathing through tubes and with seemingly every electronic gadget known to medical science attached to her.
  • After both sides were set, they stood facing each other unmoving and in silence for several long minutes as if taking a deep breath before the battle began.
  • For a time he stood on all fours, unmoving, waiting … but the pain was gone.


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