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What is the meaning of unnoticeable in Hindi?

Meaning of unnoticeable in Hindi is : अलक्ष्य

Definition of word unnoticeable

  • Not noticeable (adjective)

Examples of word unnoticeable

  • Although statistically significant, the difference between the two groups was probably unnoticeable otherwise.
  • And Mark was a little bit shorter than that, in a very small, unnoticeable way.
  • Ms. Sylvestri had unwittingly driven into the floodwater of the Salem River, at a location where, at most times, it is an unnoticeable stream, fed by a series of small lakes in various towns of southern New Jersey.
  • Despite the foods' unnoticeable lack of dairy, my meat-eating relatives couldn't deny their deliciousness.
  • The tool that eliminates background din is called "NewBlue Hum Remover" and is only discovered by opening Edit, Effects and an almost unnoticeable drop-down menu called Audio Effects.


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