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What is the meaning of unobjectionable in Hindi?

Meaning of unobjectionable in Hindi is : अहानिकर

Definition of word unobjectionable

  • Not objectionable; not capable of raising an objection. (adjective)

Examples of word unobjectionable

  • So the Nazi-Soviet Pact is, in itself, thoroughly unobjectionable from a Russian point of view: “hey, we tried to work something out with the West, but you kept dicking us around so screw you, we’re looking out for #1.”
  • How fast the worm turns: You better not (even) be thought to be a lesbian, because, if you are, you sure aren't "unobjectionable" anymore; that much was made clear by the White House by Thursday.
  • Ironic in light of Thursday's declaration about the Solicitor General's supposed sex life, Bazelon's main agenda in her Tuesday Slate piece was to demonstrate that Judge Wood, she of the RICO cum abortion case, might be almost as "unobjectionable" as Kagan.
  • The widow was "unobjectionable," to use the words of Southey, and versed in all the polite dissipation of a prosperous slave-mart capital.
  • As for the Rachel presentation being "unobjectionable," apparently Hauer can't comprehend how giving a platform to a virulent hater of Israel, Cindy Corrie, to shill for her daughter's ISM, could precipitate disgust amongst most Bay Area Jews.
  • It's all unobjectionable, but it's hardly inspired or inspiring.
  • Most of Palin's message is banal and unobjectionable, although it's odd to hear Palin call for "common ground" having previously suggested that criticism of her threatens her First Amendment rights.
  • Again, the aim seems unobjectionable: The United States and other developed-world governments ran record deficits during the crisis, both to pay for stimulus programs and because tax and other receipts cratered.