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What is the meaning of unobservant in Hindi?

Meaning of unobservant in Hindi is : ध्यान न देनेवाला

Definition of word unobservant

  • Not observant. (adjective)

Examples of word unobservant

  • Perhaps that is why, of all the many Jewish holidays, the one that is most observed -- even by those who profess to be "unobservant" -- is Passover and the Passover
  • The observant reader soon loses faith in them from their constant failure to take him right; and the unobservant is the victim of false security.
  • First, adolescent attendance at religious services seems to have become steadily less common over this period.15 Of college freshmen in 1968, barely 8 percent had attended no religious services in the previous year, but by 2009 that entirely unobservant fraction of young people had more than tripled to 25 percent.
  • Funny how so many can go through life so unobservant of the things around them ….
  • I was twenty when I made the trip an unobservant Jew, with no felt connection to, or great interest in, my past.


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