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What is the meaning of unoccupied in Hindi?

Meaning of unoccupied in Hindi is : शून्य

Definition of word unoccupied

  • Not inhabited, especially by a tenant (adjective)
  • Not being used; vacant or free (adjective)
  • Not employed on a task; idle (adjective)
  • Not occupied by foreign troops etc (adjective)

Examples of word unoccupied

  • That we should build condos that remain unoccupied?
  • The game also offers the ability to spawn directly into certain vehicles if they're unoccupied, which is a nice touch.
  • As I undertsand it Gaza has no right to exist being formerly egyptian, occupied by Israel after the 6 day victory and now "unoccupied".
  • a seat (if he can find one unoccupied, which is highly improbable), and there write out his "notes," as I am doing at this moment.
  • Next in order of British interests stands the right of pre-emption to all healthy, fertile, "unoccupied" lands of the globe not already in possession of a people capable of seriously disputing invasion, with the right of reversion to such other regions as may, from time to time prove commercially desirable or financially exploitable, whether suitable for British colonization or not.


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