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What is the meaning of unpleasant in Hindi?

Meaning of unpleasant in Hindi is : बुरा

Definition of word unpleasant

  • Not pleasant. (adjective)

Examples of word unpleasant

  • "We do not," says a novelist in one of Mr. Moore's books, "we do not always choose what you call unpleasant subjects, but we do try to get to the roots of things; and the basis of life being material and not spiritual, the analyst sooner or later finds himself invariably handling what this sentimental age calls coarse."
  • Todd Seavey and Helen Rittelmeyer, apparently once an item of sorts, had both contributed essays to Jonah Golberg's new book, "Proud to be Right," and were selected to speak -- in unpleasant proximity -- on the book's behalf at a Georgetown University forum.
  • The site boasts material that didn't make it into the books, such as 5,000 words about which woods should be used to make magic wands and anecdotes about where Rowling found inspiration: why she called an unpleasant character "Petunia", for example.
  • In either case, the speaker is not threatening to do anything to the listner, but merely warning that what the listener is doing will (as the speaker believes) result in unpleasant consequences beyond the control of either of them.
  • This persecution complex you seem to have when not going out of your way to be unpleasant is just passive-aggressive nonsense.


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