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What is the meaning of unpleasantness in Hindi?

Meaning of unpleasantness in Hindi is : विद्वेष

Definition of word unpleasantness

  • The property of being unpleasant or disagreeable. (noun)
  • An unpleasant behaviour, occurrence, etc. (noun)

Examples of word unpleasantness

    • In face-to-face interactions, given a certain level of unpleasantness, I do think that, in general, people ought stand up for the person the unpleasantness is directed at.
    • She had longed intensely to warn him – scenting certain unpleasantness to him, and possible danger, although she was loyally firm in the belief that he could not be the man for whom they were searching.
    • Anyway, he came down, without warning, which is one of the few bad habits that excellent Indian man has, and this habit has ended in unpleasantness more than once, as when we played Jungles.
    • In another fifty years we may be able to remember the flag’s primary meaning once that recent unpleasantness is settled.
    • 'Gross-out comedy substitutes wit and gags for attention-grabbing references to unpleasantness, which is what a not particularly bright five-year-old does'Well, they surely can't be bad enough to cancel out the aggregate joy brought to the world by Eldon's comedy career.


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