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What is the meaning of unreadable in Hindi?

Meaning of unreadable in Hindi is : घटिया

Definition of word unreadable

  • That cannot be read or is not easy to read. (adjective)
  • Not sufficiently interesting to be worth reading. (adjective)

Examples of word unreadable

  • She rolled toward him, her expression unreadable as she stared at him for several heartbeats and then finally shook her head.
  • He sat at the opposite side of the table from Nero, his expression unreadable due to the fact that his face was concealed by a smooth oval mask of flawless black glass.
  • There's no contrast between the font color and the background, making the title unreadable on a shelf.
  • “I know you did,” Lucien said, his expression unreadable, his exhaustion-etched face still.
  • Over his shoulder I see Lucy watching us, her expression unreadable.


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