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What is the meaning of unrecognizable in Hindi?

Meaning of unrecognizable in Hindi is : न पहिचानने

Definition of word unrecognizable

  • That cannot be recognized, especially because of substantial changes. (adjective)

Examples of word unrecognizable

  • A hospital today is almost unrecognizable from the place I visited as a child.
  • The man is almost unrecognizable from the first film (see picture below).
  • April 21st, 2010 12: 22 pm ET define "liberal." define "moderate." define "conservative." these definitions have become so twisted and misappropriated in current debate as to be unrecognizable from the same labels used just twenty years ago.
  • Last year, I was in London for a launch and one evening went to Brixton, like everywhere, it was unrecognizable from the area I'd known
  • The idea that someone looks completely different without their glasses, so much so that they’re unrecognizable, is unbelievable but a staple of romance fiction.


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