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What is the meaning of unrecognizing in Hindi?

Meaning of unrecognizing in Hindi is :

Definition of word unrecognizing

  • Present participle of unrecognize. (verb)
  • Not showing recognition. (adjective)

Examples of word unrecognizing

    • He stared straight up at me, unwinking, unrecognizing.
    • At that time their relationship had been all smiles and shared Polo mints, larded with gossip about the fumblers and fallers in the great parliamentary steeplechase, but now the driver stared at him, oblivious and unrecognizing.
    • Though the blind was down, the irresistible sunlight poured a tempered golden flood into the room, and in its light Selden saw a narrow bed along the wall, and on the bed, with motionless hands and calm unrecognizing face, the semblance of Lily Bart.
    • Hast thou not long ago appeared, veiled in an allegory, before an unrecognizing world?
    • Robbie surveyed them gravely, unrecognizing any of the older guests until presently one face stood out vaguely familiar in the clear twilight.


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