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What is the meaning of unreliable in Hindi?

Meaning of unreliable in Hindi is : बेईमान

Definition of word unreliable

  • Not reliable. (adjective)

Examples of word unreliable

  • With Stella you have added to a literary history rich in unreliable narrators.
  • The sad truth is that “non-fiction” has been unreliable from the beginning, no matter how finely grained a section of human knowledge we wish to consider.
  • In Cooked Books, Tyler Cowen explains that the sad truth is that “non-fiction” has been unreliable from the beginning:
  • Generic, national polls remain unreliable for reading individual House, and even Senate, races, not to mention the other challenges of modern polling, to correctly measure actual turnout, to actually obtain polling answers from likely voters, and so on.
  • The folks at my favorite Braves blog, Rowland's Office, are using the Braves 'depressing plummet to the deep end of the standings to move their headquarters from the painfully unreliable Blogger to the just plain unreliable Typepad.
  • What makes Wikipedia unreliable is that it can not be controlled.
  • What makes Wikipedia unreliable is that there are too many points at which sorrect material can be adjusted, edited, purged, spun, etc.
  • It was Miller who clearly placed far too much credence in unreliable sources, and then credulously used dubious administration officials to confirm what she was told.
  • Pakistan, regarded as critical to U.S. efforts to stabilize Afghanistan, is often described as an unreliable partner.