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What is the meaning of unrestrained in Hindi?

Meaning of unrestrained in Hindi is : बेरोक

Definition of word unrestrained

  • immoderate; not restrained or held in check (adjective)
  • spontaneous, natural and informal; unconstrained (adjective)

Examples of word unrestrained

  • The joint Guardian-LSE Reading the Riots project has shown that the interpretation of the riots as an expression of unrestrained greed and lawlessness is only a partial account.
  • What makes him somewhat leftist is that he locates the evil in unrestrained and unbridled capitalism (he even makes a stab at free market economists having blood on their hands).
  • In the sixties and seventies, Toronto had a booming and free -- as in unrestrained -- rental market.
  • (London, Intermediate Technology Development Group) 1982, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. (13) Smith, R.G.: Long-term unrestrained expansion of test bricks in Transactions of the British Ceramic Society (London), 1973,
  • United States to head off the Socialistic program, which, unrestrained, is sure to wreck our country.


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