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What is the meaning of unrewarded in Hindi?

Meaning of unrewarded in Hindi is : पारितोषिक न दिया हुआ

Definition of word unrewarded

  • Not rewarded (adjective)

Examples of word unrewarded

  • This old-school argument for unquestioning and unrewarded obedience contrasts sharply with my claim that praise is more likely to function as a tool for imposing our will and eliciting compliance.
  • Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
  • Australia's answer -- boring -- no doubt pleases policymakers but lately it has left investors unrewarded.
  • Three time Oscar Winner Sandy Powell graciously acknowledged the designers who do less-showy work on cheaper, contemporary films, who usually go unrewarded.
  • The club are refusing to comment but it is understood they are looking closely at the interviews yesterday, in which Bellamy complained of being "pushed aside" and it being a "situation I find hard to get my head around", claiming last season's commitment had gone unrewarded.


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