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What is the meaning of unsatisfactory in Hindi?

Meaning of unsatisfactory in Hindi is : साधारण

Definition of word unsatisfactory

  • inadequate, substandard or not satisfactory (adjective)

Examples of word unsatisfactory

  • The nominated members, even if they were representative of the minority, would never have had the same authority or influence as they would have had as members duly elected by the votes of the minority; and even if we admit the special difficulties attending the representation of minorities in Ireland the solution proposed by Mr. Birrell was in every sense of the term unsatisfactory, and obviously of
  • Either she, or he himself, must, on reflection, have judged the title unsatisfactory, for no edition of his works ever bore this name.
  • She explained that, contrary to rumors of rampant promiscuity among college coeds, the new dating convention instead tended to trap girls in unsatisfactory long-term relationships.
  • Indeed it would be difficult to make light of them at a time when, to the uniquely British capacity for predicting the worst, and for publicising those aspects of our national life which we ourselves find most unsatisfactory, is added the accepted hyperbole of the electoral hustings.
  • My comments indicated that the most significant factor was sending an inexperienced crew (Gates had only recently made HAC with very little in-country H2P time) out in unsatisfactory weather to fly an unnecessary mission.


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