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What is the meaning of unscathed in Hindi?

Meaning of unscathed in Hindi is : सही सलामत

Definition of word unscathed

  • Not harmed or damaged in any way; untouched. (adjective)

Examples of word unscathed

  • Again, may the best candidate, who comes out unscathed from the vitriolic and vehement vituperations, win.
  • India's economy is among the world's fastest growing, and has emerged virtually unscathed from the financial crisis.
  • The only one of the children to escape virtually unscathed from the death of the family patriarch was MoreÂ’s daughter Elizabeth, whose husband William DaunceyÂ’s political career continued smoothly.
  • Cotton prices posted the biggest drop in 15 years after Texas crop watchers reported that this year's harvest emerged relatively unscathed from a recent hailstorm.
  • Though the domestic TV market emerged unscathed from the recession last year, with unit shipments up 17%, to nearly 34 million, price wars causedretail sales to be flat, according to market researcher iSuppli.


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