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What is the meaning of unsettle in Hindi?

Meaning of unsettle in Hindi is : हतोत्साह करना

Definition of word unsettle

  • To make upset or uncomfortable (verb)
  • To bring into disorder or disarray (verb)

Examples of word unsettle

    • Levi says his work is designed to 'unsettle' viewers by challenging preconceptions of certain materials and objects.
    • He finally conceded this remains an "unsettle" question in the courts.
    • I also remarked a singular timidity on his part lest somebody should "unsettle" somebody's faith, -- as if faith did not require exercise as much as any other living thing, and were not all the better for a shaking up now and then.
    • Bent was honestly distressed at his own state of mind: he had feared that Harry Spink would "unsettle" Mr. Blandhorn, and, instead, it was he himself who had been unsettled.
    • Finance Ministry to retain the stimulus package in the forthcoming budget, stating that its withdrawal may "unsettle" the industry


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