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What is the meaning of unsocial in Hindi?

Meaning of unsocial in Hindi is : समाज विरोधी

Definition of word unsocial

  • Not social. (adjective)
  • Inhospitable. (adjective)

Examples of word unsocial

    • The impetus to development Kant found in the restlessness arising from the conflict in man between his social and antisocial tendencies, in what he calls the unsocial sociableness of man, his desire for gain and power, his greed and competitiveness.
    • For Deleuze and Guattari, the schizophrenic is a challenge to the political and linguistic systems simultaneously since he utilizes language in unsocial and antisocial ways.
    • Can we say that money causes people to act in unsocial ways, causes them to be greedy and insensitive to the needs of others?
    • In this context, for example, it is not money itself which drives people to “act in unsocial ways,” but rather the desire for money above the desire to live well with other people.
    • The BBC announced in 1989 that it would phase out extra payments made to staff for working at the weekend, but figures seen by the Daily Telegraph show that 22 years later there are still 29 employees remaining who earn up to £2,000 a year on top of their salaries purely for working at so-called "unsocial" times.