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What is the meaning of unsound in Hindi?

Meaning of unsound in Hindi is : विक्षिप्त

Definition of word unsound

  • Not sound; not whole; not solid; defective; infirm; diseased. (adjective)

Examples of word unsound

  • The parliament cited the pontiff, and, when he failed to appear, loyally declared his title unsound, and, under the lead of their first president (another
  • Those Congressionally created entities saw the fees being collected by the private entities, and the Congressionally created entities got ever more involved in unsound lending pratices.
  • I find the majority's reasoning more than "unsound" - it's simply wrong and actually has the potential to feed into the very prejudice they worry about.
  • It is claimed that we need to do this because SS is fiscally unsound, which is simply a lie.
  • Subsequent analysis might prove the idea unsound – in recent years that has frequently happened, with every master move scrutinised by strong computer programmes.


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