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What is the meaning of unsubstantial in Hindi?

Meaning of unsubstantial in Hindi is : सारहीन

Definition of word unsubstantial

  • Alternative form of insubstantial. (adjective)

Examples of word unsubstantial

  • "Something like a London fog" it has been called, "only a dust fog," – an animated fog in which everything unsubstantial is fair prey.
  • Even before the protests, female political power and representation in Mubarak's Egypt was unsubstantial and token at best.
  • To say that Colbert's testimony was surprisingly unsubstantial, if funny, would be unfair, because it would imply we expected celebrity testimony before congress to be anything other than unsubstantial.
  • There's nothing like emotional substance, even in an ostensibly unsubstantial thriller.
  • Funny that a video about information literacy includes such an unsubstantial claim.


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