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What is the meaning of unsupplied in Hindi?

Meaning of unsupplied in Hindi is : आवश्यक पदार्थों की पूर्ति

Definition of word unsupplied

  • Not supplied. (adjective)

Examples of word unsupplied

  • They can send bills to Bush that fund redeployment and if he chooses not pass any of them or if he doesn't find some other way to keep the troops supplied, then clearly it is George Bush who is leaving the troops unsupplied.
  • Surbiton Cottage were unsupplied also with Hollands.
  • Having no friend to go down for me, I was obliged to wait near the well the whole afternoon, until near sunset, to the great amusement of my companions, and I should have remained unsupplied had not one of the guides at last assisted in drawing up the water from above, while I descended into the well to fill the Delou.
  • Greenland whale, say, in those shuddering, icy seas of the North, if unsupplied with his cosy surtout?
  • So, deprived of one leg, and the strange ship of course being altogether unsupplied with the kindly invention, Ahab now found himself abjectly reduced to a clumsy landsman again; hopelessly eyeing the uncertain changeful height he could hardly hopte to attain.


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