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What is the meaning of unusable in Hindi?

Meaning of unusable in Hindi is : बेकार

Definition of word unusable

  • Not usable. (adjective)

Examples of word unusable

  • It has been called to my attention that the word "I. .evidently unusable" is the equivalent of the N word.
  • The world is awash in unusable, overly-complex and frustrating software.
  • Yeah yeah, language changes and all that, but in this case, the change has just rendered the word unusable by careful writers.
  • While few pathways are now visible, the area is still studded with bomb craters, old gun positions, wrecked trucks and unexploded cluster bombs that were dropped to render the terrain unusable.
  • Venus, our planet's evil sister, has already been identified as unusable for life because of … yes, because of the greenhouse effect that occured in the past.


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