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What is the meaning of unvaluable in Hindi?

Meaning of unvaluable in Hindi is : अमूल्य

Definition of word unvaluable

Examples of word unvaluable

  • If it is to dismiss a work of literature/art as unvaluable/irrelevant, don't we already do this by not attending it, or by not investing our desires and passions in it?
  • Of course, I am not saying that research is easy or unvaluable.
  • Plus, I never really got my feet wet, so being a quitter easing out of Oxfam and taking my rather unvaluable self elsewhere surely won't be too hard.
  • The customer would be diverted for a moment while the seller would exchange bags, replacing the valuable piglet for a totally common and unvaluable cat.
  • Miriam would be proud – we had plenty of nutritionally valuable vegetables, even it was followed by a totally unvaluable chocolate tart.


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